Sunday, April 8, 2007

Do You Love Brazilian Booty???

If you love Brazilian booty as much as I do then you're going to fall head over heels for this motor Booty straight off the streets of Rio de Janeiro Brazil.

Tania is a Black Brazilian girl with a booty so big and juicy that you've just gotta take a bite outta it.

She was in the mall trying on jeans when I asked her to try on a pair I thought would accent that ebony ass to a 'T'. She giggled at all the attention I was giving her and jumped at the chance to model some skin tight jeans for me. Brazilian Girls are soooooo friendly. When she walked outta that dresing room sporting that booty that was blessed by God himself I knew I had to see more of it.

I asked her if i bought the jeans for her would she come by my place and model for me and she gave a huge smile and a 'yes' so we hopped a cab to my place and I wiped out my camera and started shooting.

i didnt get many pics of those jeans cause she was down to her bikini in 10seconds flat. Not long after that she was only wearing a smile. Big Booty and horny..... Priceless!!