Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Brazilian Girl with a Body to Die For

Big Brazilian Booty

Check out the Body on this Brazilian Girl. This sexy Brazilian teens name is
Garota Melancia. That mean Watermelon girl. Sounds strange? Well they call her that because of her huge Brazilian Booty. Girls form Brazil are know around the world to have great asses but this one is definetly world class.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Sexy Brazilian Teen, Esperanza


Esperanza is a young
Brazilian girl with the biggest Brazilian ass we've ever seen!
brings you the best young Brazilian teens
from the beaches, the streets and the clubs of Brazil.

Esperanza is no exception. She's from Rio de Janeiro and
speaks great English. We found her on the world famous Ipanema beach hanging
out with her girlfriends on a hot Saturday afternoon. With an ass that big
she caught our eye fast. We invited her to our place for a few pics and she
jumped at the chance. To see all of these pics and video of Esperanza
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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Big Boob Babalu

This Sexy Brazilian Hotty has Got It All !!!

Big Boobs Big Tits and a Huge Sex Drive

Babalu is a smoking hot Brazilian Teen that loves the beach and nightlife of Rio de Janeiro. You can find her either on the beach working on her tan or in the club downing a few drinks and dancing so sexy that it'll make you pitch a tent in your pants. Babalu is one hot Blonde Brazilian.

Babalu has her very own site now. BabaluBrazil.com

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Big Booty and Class

Super Sexy Brazilian Teen
Marianna is on FIRE!!! Its not everyday that you meet a sexy, classy and horny as hell babe. Not even here in Brazil.
This girl is truely special. Big tits, Big ass and just as sweet as can be. Marianna was walking though the neighborhood park when I ran into her. She was walking her dog and listening to headphones. I couldnt take my eyes off of her. I had to say something so I walked over and began to play with her dog. She thought I was the sweetest guy because I came to play with her dog. Little did she know my mind was on other things. I made a date with her for later on that night and like clock work she came by right on time.

HotTub for Two

Sex Teen Katrina was looking for a little company in the hottub.
Meet my ex-girl friend Katrina. A hot Brazilian Teen that loved to play in the hot tub, have a few drinks and get really naughty. With a Latina Hotty like this you've gotta save up your energy.

Beautiful Brazilian Bottom

This girl gives me wood just thinking about her.
let's start off with her stats:
Name: Ariel
Age: 18 (barely)
height: 5'2"
Weight: 120
Booty: absolutely awesome

Ariel was at Copacabana beach enjoying the sun and working on her tan when I ran into her. I offered her a drink to cool down and started up a steamy conversation. She told me that she just turned 18 two weeks ago. Now fellas, I gotta tell ya. I love em young and with big asses and Ariel fit the bill.
After talking a bit more and snapping a few pics on the beach
I invited her up to my place for some more drinks and some pics a bit more revealing and she said ok. Hell yeah, scored another one.

Ariel got up to my place and quickly downed a cold beer and dropped her bottoms to her g-string bikini and began running around exploring my place.
This hot 18 year old wasnt shy at all and seemed to get excited with every picture I snapped.
Who knew beer and a digital camera could get you some ass?? I Love Brazil!!!

Do You Love Brazilian Booty???

If you love Brazilian booty as much as I do then you're going to fall head over heels for this motor Booty straight off the streets of Rio de Janeiro Brazil.

Tania is a Black Brazilian girl with a booty so big and juicy that you've just gotta take a bite outta it.

She was in the mall trying on jeans when I asked her to try on a pair I thought would accent that ebony ass to a 'T'. She giggled at all the attention I was giving her and jumped at the chance to model some skin tight jeans for me. Brazilian Girls are soooooo friendly. When she walked outta that dresing room sporting that booty that was blessed by God himself I knew I had to see more of it.

I asked her if i bought the jeans for her would she come by my place and model for me and she gave a huge smile and a 'yes' so we hopped a cab to my place and I wiped out my camera and started shooting.

i didnt get many pics of those jeans cause she was down to her bikini in 10seconds flat. Not long after that she was only wearing a smile. Big Booty and horny..... Priceless!!